Blue Flower

As of Mozilla Firefox v52.0 released on March 7th, NPAPI plugins are no longer supported. This means that, much like Google Chrome, Hikvision users will no longer be able to successfully install the web browser plugin required to view their cameras in Firefox.

This was announced in the Mozilla Future Releases blog post from October 8th 2015 and has now finally come into effect. Chrome discontinued support back in September 2015, and you can see the impact this had in our thread on the topic.

Fortunately, there is a workaround:
- Type about:config in the Firefox address bar – ignore the “are you sure you want to proceed?” page
- Right click anywhere. A context window should pop-up
- Select New >>Boolean (Logická hodnota)
- Enter exactly plugin.load_flash_only
- Set the Boolean value to False
- Restart Firefox

For now, this should work as a temporary workaround to restore full functionality to your Hikvision system.

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